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Rheology is much more than just viscosity

A rheometer is a versatile R&D and problem solving tool that provides much more capability and insight into material properties than a traditional viscometer, especially regarding regulatory considerations for structural equivalence, (Q3, refs 1-3), stability, and batch consistency.  RTS offers an array of rheological analyses from basic comparative screening to comprehensive characterization using a manufacturer installed and qualified state of the art Kinexus Pro rheometer (specifications).


RTS performs a broad range of analyses on solutions, suspensions, gels, creams, lotions, ointments, and oils along with other mixtures and semisolids to support the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biomaterials, engineering and other industries.  A rheometer is well-suited to model processes and applications, and also evaluate physical stability under highly defined and controlled conditions. Outputs from these tests may provide better insight to support product development, optimization, manufacturing, delivery, handling, performance, efficacy, and sensory attributes. Evaluations may include, but not be limited to the primary set of analyses described in the above tabs.

To further support client needs, RTS can prepare samples that require dilution and pH adjustment along with performing density and LOD (loss on drying) determinations.

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Kinexus rheometer
measuring adhesion, cohesion, stickiness and tackiness
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