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Quantify stickiness, adhesion/cohesion

A squeeze-pull-away test quantifies the force (stickiness, adhesion, cohesion) required to vertically separate the sample between the rheometer plates.  These values have been shown to correlate well with human sensory panel results that is an important product performance for consumer satisfaction and compliance.. 


The following results are typically reported:

   - peak pull-away force (Newtons) for tack

   - area under the curve (N-sec) for adhesion/cohesion strength

   - time (sec) for 90% of force reduction 90% for failure

Figure 1 shows the typical output of a single pull-away analysis with the red curve showing the pull-away force vs time.  The blue curve shows the increasing gap between plates as the sample is being pulled apart.


Figure 2 shows an overlay of samples demonstrating a range of pull-away forces that correlate with stickiness.

Pull Test
Example of pull-away assay to to quantify adhesion, cohesion, stickiness, tackiness and firmness.
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