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About RTS


"Do the Appropriate Science, To Answer the Questions, To Drive the Project, To Meet the Business Needs"

While at Stiefel, a dermatology product development subsidiary of GSK, Mark

became the rheometer lead user and trainer. It quickly became apparent to Mark that

there is a general lack of understanding and appreciation for the potential of rheology to

address practical product development, manufacturing, handling, dispensing, performance, efficacy, and sensory issues. When the opportunity arose, Mark founded Rheology Testing Services laboratory located in the Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC - USA area.


Mark welcomes the opportunity to discuss an array of technical support approaches that may provide insight to better understand and leverage various practical rheological applications for your processes and products.  He also offers a free, no obligation presentation on "Rheology Principles and Applications" (link to slides on homepage).

Mark Patrick Owner

This is Rheology Testing Services focus. Owner & founder Mark Patrick PhD (LinkedIn) has served as a scientist, technical manager, consultant, and mentor with over 30 years in pharmaceutical development including 24 years at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Applications in rheology of food to evaluate texture and feel.
flow curve yield stress yield viscosity
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