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Knowing your sample viscosity may be important; however, understanding its more detailed rheological profile and its potential implications may be critical and value added.

Rheology Testing Services (RTS) offers an array of analyses to support early R&D through manufacturing across many industries and materials.  These assays efficiently and precisely probe material response to various forces and conditions to model processes and applications to which your material may be exposed.  Material that is exposed to force, however minimal - even gravity, may change from the effects of stress, shear, strain and temperature.  Output from these assays, described in more detail in the above tabs may provide better understanding of your materials to support R&D, process optimization, manufacturing, packaging, performance, efficacy, and tactile properties.  Other applications include regulatory considerations to demonstrate or disprove structural equivalence (Q3, ref 1-3), in-process control, batch consistency and stability.  


Thinking you need rheology support but not sure which assays and parameters are appropriate?  No problem!   You've come to the right place!


RTS will closely partner with you to efficiently and effectively address your technical needs with high flexibility and minimal bureaucracy.  

rheometer plates pulling sample apart to measure adhesion, cohesion, stickiness and tackiness

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Rheometer plates pulling sample apart to measure adhesion, cohesion, stickiness and tackiness